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“Williams Performance Tenders is the largest manufacturer of Jet Tenders in the world. With models ranging from diesel and gasoline powered engines run by our dedicated team of engineers, boats and practical tenders running for fun all the time.

All of our boats are equipped with a steering that is not built with any other type of tender, and this unique one makes Williams a pioneer when the product is designed and assembled from scratch. “

Es Vedrà Charter is the Official Distributor and Official Technical Service of Williams Jet Tenders in Ibiza and Formentera


williams turbojet in Ibiza

Packed with features for a first-class experience, the new Turbojet is extremely versatile. With a 90HP BRP Rotax ACE 903 engine, offering better performance and fuel economy, the relaunched Turbojet sets the standard for luxury yacht offerings.

Thanks to continuous improvements in hull design, the latest Turbojet sets the standard for supreme handling, from high-speed corners to coming alongside your yacht at low speed, the new Turbojet takes it all at its own pace.

With redesigned upholstery to ensure you get from boat to shore in comfort. A contoured rear helm seat ensures a firm grip on the driver, allowing you to take full advantage of precise handling. Passengers now benefit from leg reinforcements, which along with the Gul Wing, swiveling seatbacks, and an abundance of grab handles help even the most nervous passenger feel safe on board.

All turbojets are available with a host of optional extras, from plotters to help you explore new areas, to LED deck lights to help tackle late at night, you can customize your turbojet exactly to your individual needs.


williams dieseljet in Ibiza

The Dieseljet is just as brilliant for lugging heavy loads as it is for pulling a water skier, or going on idyllic cruises. The perfect combination of beauty, fun and functionality, it is designed so that the luxury on board your yacht continues with its offer. High performance comes from the Yanmar engine, which runs on the same diesel as your yacht, so no separate fuel is required.

Customize it to suit your taste and match your yacht, right down to having your yacht’s name on the tubes and seats.


With the EvoJet 70, the superyacht experience doesn’t stop when you step aboard your boat.

Stripes of space, a wide hull that guarantees the smoothest rides, and a powerful Yanmar engine for exhilarating power, the EvoJet is the perfect combination of luxury and performance.

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