5 things you should do before storing your jet ski

Summer is over and the long rides on the back of our Yamaha Waverunners will remain in the memory until time permits again.

jet ski yamaha gp 1800R Ho 2022 in Ibiza
Now prepare your jet ski for the next season.

With the arrival of winter, many of us choose to keep our WaveRunners until next spring and it is important to take care of winter storage in detail to maximize the life of our jet ski and have it ready as soon as necessary.

If you want your WaveRunner to be in perfect condition when the heat returns and not have any problems, it is convenient that you follow a few simple steps to guarantee an optimal hibernation of your boat.

1- Cleaning

Wash the deck, the helmet, the handlebar and the jet with fresh water to remove dirt and salt.
Blot the moisture with a cloth.

2- Cooling system

Wash the cooling system with fresh water by accelerating the vehicle.
Thus the fresh water will reach the entire circuit.

3- Battery

Remove the battery terminals. Make sure they are totally disconnected.

4- Engine

  • Check especially the lubrication system. Add engine oil to each cylinder.
Always use Yamalube Marine to lubricate your jet ski

5- Gas tank

  • Fill the gas tank with fresh fuel.
    In this way you will prevent possible humidity from affecting the tank.

EXTRA: Apply grease to each part that requires it and store your Yamaha in a horizontal position.

Important: Only the most important points of the inspection are mentioned. For details refer to the instruction manual of your Waverunner.

We leave you a video that explains very well the steps to follow:

At Es Vedrà Charter (Distributor and Official Technical Service of Yamaha WaveRunners in Ibiza and Formentera) we offer the service of set-up, hibernation and custody in our own facilities .

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