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Refined craftsmanship.

Years of innovation. Dedication to our profession. Our passion is your joy.
Always manufactured to the highest standards so you can enjoy every moment on the water.


The ultimate combination of people-carrying practicality and spectacular performance.

Designed for yachts and superyachts of 25 meters or more, the Williams DieselJet dinghy is as sleek and stylish as it is spacious and practical. The DieselJet’s ample space also means there is always plenty of legroom and luggage storage, and as with all Williams tenders, the ride to your yacht is a combination of grace and excitement – the perfect start to your guests’ time at sea.


A quiet auxiliary boat or an exciting ski boat?
Who says you have to choose?

Designed to fit yachts over 16 m, so that owners of mid-size yachts can now experience the ultimate sport boat.

Experience the thrill of racing through the waves in the Williams SportJet . This yacht dinghy is compact and distinctly lightweight, but has plenty of power.


An icon perfected.

Designed for yachts over 12 m (40 ft). the TurboJet sets the standard for supreme handling, from the corners of railings to the side of your yacht at low speed.
Seats up to 4 passengers.


Proof that the best things really do come in small packages.

Introducing the MiniJet: unmatched Williams performance and quality, condensed into a small but perfect package.

Where other smaller tenders have to make trade-offs between size and performance,
the MiniJet does not.

Lightweight, agile and with super responsive, pinpoint steering, it’s about as much fun as you can have at sea.

Made of durable Hypalon fabric tubing, the MiniJet 280 is built to stand the test of time, proving that being small doesn’t have to be a compromise.

Es Vedrà Charter: The only official Williams Jet Tenders dealer in Ibiza.
Sales, maintenance, service and original spare parts.

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