Jet ski maintenance: 3 steps to fine-tune your jet ski

Jet ski maintenance

To fully enjoy the season on your jet ski, it is important to do a maintenance on the jet ski and a safety check after hibernation.

With the arrival of good weather and the end of winter, it is time to get our jet skis ready to guarantee a spectacular season.

Prepare your Yamaha WaveRunner to enjoy 100% this summer

1 – Jet Ski Maintenance | Before the season:

Care before setting up the jet ski.

  1. Anticorrosive Spray. Applying anti-corrosion spray restores the shine to paint, chrome, glass, and soft plastics such as visors, windshields, and gauges.
    Gives plastics, rubber, vinyl, and a beautiful satin finish. Due to its antistatic properties, it repels dust and dirt to maintain that shine. May require extra rubbing on soft plastics due to wax content.
  2. Checking the greasing points.
    Pay attention to the moving parts and make sure they are all properly greased.
  3. Review of the lubrication system.
    Check that the lubrication system of your watercraft is not clogged and that it does not show any deterioration.
  4. Review of the correct operation of the moving parts.
    Try moving all moving parts from one end to the other and check that there are no impediments to proper operation such as stops or noises that may indicate friction.
  5. Fuel check. Check the good condition of the tank.
    It is important to certify that there are no leaks in the tank, as well as make sure that the interior does not show mold or corrosion of any kind.
  6. Review of the electrical system.
    The batteries must always remain disconnected when the watercraft is not being used. check connection points.

Simple checks before use is important to avoid unexpected problems. Be sure to do these checks.

2 – Jet Ski Maintenance | “Pre check”

Before returning to the water with his jet ski.

Water filter: Check that there is no water in the bilge and if it has been drained completely.
Oil and Fuel : Check the quantity and add if necessary. Check for leaks.
Handlebar. Make sure the steering and moving parts are working properly.
Throttle: Make sure the throttle and its moving parts are working properly.
Battery: Make sure it is connected correctly.
Drainage system: Drain the water completely. Before returning to the water make sure the drain plugs are tight.
Jet inlet: Check that the inlet is clear of impurities.
Engine compartment: Remove the seat and front compartment. Let ventilate.

It is time to check that everything works perfectly before going to the water.

3- Maintenance jet ski | First sensations in the water.

Take-off inspection.

We must pay special attention in the first minutes when we are back in the water on our jet ski.

Essential : check that the watercraft drain plugs are correctly fitted.

In the first moments we must maneuver with caution, checking the maximum turning angle, feeling the work of the propulsion and mentally making a thorough examination of the jet ski.

Little by little we will try to bring our Yamaha to maximum performance to make sure that everything works perfectly.

After 10 hours have passed after the first start of the season, carry out a review of the above points to ensure the correct operation of all parts.

Important : Only the most important points of the inspection are mentioned.
For full details, refer to the owner’s manual for your Yamaha Waverunner.

Remember to use only genuine Yamaha parts and accessories.
Trust only professionals. Es Vedrà Charter is Yamaha’s official technical service in Ibiza

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Extra video:
Yamaha WaveRunner Jet Ski Maintenance

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