terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of the reservation.

By making the reservation you accept the following conditions:

The use of jet skis to minors under 16 without an adult accompanying them is prohibited,
The identity document or other supporting document can be requested for verification.
In case of having made a reservation being, or for a minor under 16 years of age, it is not a reason for the refund of the amount.

The client must present both the identity document or passport of the holder and the credit card that was used to make the payment.
Otherwise, access to the jet ski tour or the nautical charter may be rejected without the right to any refund.

The “check-in” (prior access control) begins half an hour before departure and closes 10 minutes before departure, it is in the place indicated on our home page. You must first check in to access the jet ski or charter boat.
In the case of excursions on jet skis, refunds are not accepted if the client has not made the “check-in” during the opening hours indicated above.

The promoter reserves the right of admission to the tour or event.

The illegal resale (or attempted illegal resale) of a ticket constitutes a cause for the seizure or cancellation of said ticket without refund to the same or any other type of compensation and / or indemnification.

A ticket may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or bets, or any other lucrative purpose unless Es Vedrá Charter SL grants express written authorization.

The use of the commercial brands or any other intellectual property of Es Vedra Charter will also be subject to the express consent of Esther Escandell Torres, administrator of the commercial brand.

This reservation is issued in accordance with nautical, charter and boat rental rules and regulations. All the details are available at the meeting booth or at the Es Vedrà Charter SL offices in Ibiza. Violation of any of these rules and regulations, or any other unacceptable act that may cause damage, harm or injury, will grant Es Vedra Charter SL the right to expel the user from the tour or cancel the charter.

The rental or nautical charter reservations, both for boats and jet skis, must be made by a person who has sufficient qualifications for the government of the boat being rented / charter. Failing that, after making the reservation, the owner of the same will provide Es Vedrá Charter with a digital copy of the qualifications required for the patronage of the boat within a period never exceeding 24 hours after the confirmation of the reservation, and never less than 48 hours before the start of the rental / charter period.

Consumption of narcotic substances and / or drunkenness before entering the boat or jet ski will be grounds for immediate expulsion without the right to a refund of the cost of the reservation.

The company will not be responsible for any loss or theft of tickets / reservations. The Venue and Event Promoter are not responsible for any personal belongings.

Reservation holders consent to video and sound recording for promotional purposes. The conditions of the referred consent are available to the client.

Date changes will be accepted as long as it is notified 2 weeks in advance of the departure of the tour or nautical charter for which the acquisition has been made.

Reservation cancellation commission:

The cancellation by the passenger of the reservation, will have a penalty of 50% of the amount of the ticket if the cancellation is made between the date of purchase and 15 days prior to departure. A penalty of 75% of the amount of the ticket if the cancellation is made between the date of purchase and 7 days prior to departure. After this period, the penalty will be equal to 100% of the ticket.

In those cases in which the bad sea does not allow the departure of the boat or the jet ski and under prior notification by the company, the clients will be informed of the change of date of the event or the amount will be refunded. of the paid entry in our offices;
In no case will it be responsible for the amount paid for the reservation (reservation is understood to be 19% of the total purchase).

The previous condition will apply to any reason of force majeure among which are:

Any unforeseeable and unpredictable event beyond the developer’s control, including but not limited to natural disasters (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disasters), terrorist activities, government sanction, blockade, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout, interruption or serious breakdown.

In those cases in which the bad sea does not allow the performance of water sports, it will not be a reason to proceed to the partial / total refund.

In those cases in which the company cannot perform the service due to technical problems that prevent their departure, the client may choose to change their reservation for another boat excursion of the same amount and similar characteristics or a refund of the amount paid to the promoter.

The images of the marketed product may not correspond to reality, and the information may vary slightly from the final product.

The client knows and accepts the general conditions, as well as the description of the product and its characteristics.

The services that are provided in the marketed product will be announced in the web support of the same, and therefore the claim by the customer for a service not provided if it is not advertised on the web will not be a reason for reimbursement of the product.

In no case will the company be responsible in case the client has not come before the departure of the jet ski tour to our official booth.

The schedules and itineraries are approximate and may vary without prior notice due to weather conditions and / or causes beyond the control of the event promoter.

All these terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law and any conflict arising from any transaction with the promoter will be subject solely to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts.

All reservations are subject to availability.

The person making the reservation grants the use of their personal data that will be used to process your order, support your experience on this website and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Es Vedrà Charter reserves the right to modify these general conditions to adapt it to future legislative or jurisprudential developments, as well as to industry practices, previously informing clients of any changes that may occur.

Terms and Conditions of the jet ski charter.

The tenant, by signing this contract, is bound by these terms and conditions


The lessee acknowledges that he receives the jet ski in perfect mechanical and fiber condition, provided with the necessary documentation and the compulsory vests to navigate with it and undertakes to keep it in good condition. Likewise, it is obliged to:

  • Do not transport people or dedicate it to any other type of activity, when this directly or indirectly implies a sublease of the jet ski
  • Do not drive the jet ski in inferior physical conditions caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
  • Do not participate with the jet ski in races or other sports events, or training of any modality
  • Do not carry more passengers than those specified by the manufacturer of the jet ski or permitted by law
  • Have the jet ski properly tied up and guarded when not in use, and protect it from storms
  • Do not go out of Spain or make transfers to islands or between islands, unless you have previously obtained written authorization from the landlord
  • Stop the jet ski as soon as possible when any warning light that indicates an anomaly in its operation lights up, and you should contact the lessor immediately
  • The lessee is obliged to inform the authority of the condition of the leased vehicle in the event of being reported for an administrative offense
  • The lessor acknowledges that he has the necessary title to carry the jet ski and it is currently in force.
  • The sublease of the jet ski is totally prohibited, and ES VEDRA CHARTER SL will not take charge of any negligence that may occur in this case.
  • The landlord has explained to me the navigable areas with the jet ski and the conditions in which I can do it.


The jet ski will be returned to the place and on the date indicated in this contract. Any alteration must be previously authorized by the lessor. Failure to comply with this condition empowers ES VEDRA CHARTER SL to take charge of the jet ski or legally require it, likewise ES VEDRA CHARTER SL reserves the right to obtain the return of the jet ski at any time during the term of this document. contract if its use contravenes the provisions of the same.

In the return of the jet ski at the end of the rental in which the tenant is not present at the inspection of the same, for reasons attributable to him, and damage to the jet ski is appreciated, the client accepts the valuation of the resulting damages of the inspection carried out by ES VEDRA CHARTER SL staff, in their absence


A deposit of __2 will be given € 000 __ euros, which will be returned after checking that there is no fiber or motor damage, as well as any subsequent administrative sanction

Terms and Conditions of the motor boat charter.

The navigation area will be exclusively in Ibiza and Formentera. This area may not be exceeded unless expressly authorized by the lessor.

The lessee and his crew affirm to have the experience, knowledge and sufficient capacity, for the operation of said vessel during its scheduled trip. Gross negligence or malicious intent will not be covered by boat insurance. Acceptance of this contract implies acceptance of the general conditions described in the following points.

1- In cases of rental without crew or overnight rental, a DEPOSIT of € 1000 Euros will be paid. The lessee is responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to the rented boat, for reasons not attributable to a third party, and for the loss of any of its elements, as well as the delay in the delivery of the boat. If the boat suffered any damage, the lessor would retain the deposit until the insurance received the amount corresponding to the compensation, the cost of the loss of charters already contracted for subsequent days being the responsibility of the lessee.

2- The lessee ensures that they have the qualifications, knowledge and experience necessary to carry out the planned cruise with the rented boat, and that they will be sent to reservations @ esvedracharter in a period never exceeding 24 hours after the reservation and never less than 48 hours prior to the start of the charter. presented at the starting point of the charter.

Otherwise, it designates within its crew someone who has the qualifications, knowledge and experience necessary to carry out the planned cruise with the rented boat, and who will be sent to reservations @ esvedracharter in a period never exceeding 24 hours later. to the reservation and never less than 48 hours prior to the start of the charter. presented at the starting point of the charter.

The lessor reserves the right to deny the provision of the boat to the lessee, in the event that he or the member of his crew designated by him, in the lessee’s judgment, lacks the titles, knowledge and sufficient experience to confront safely the planned cruise. Likewise, the company may carry out a navigation test to verify the experience of the skipper before the ship’s departure. In this case, the lessee agrees to hire a skipper, during the necessary days until he acquires sufficient experience to be able to handle the boat, without jeopardizing its integrity.

3- The expenses for supplies, fuel, water, ice, etc … are the responsibility of the tenant. Likewise, the costs of transportation or collection outside the port of San Antonio, mooring, skipper, fuel and taxes will be billed separately and are not included in the rental rate.

4 – If due to a breakdown produced during the lease or other causes not attributable to the lessee, it is not possible to continue with that boat, the lessor may change it for another, charging or paying the price differences, provided that the lessee agrees, and there are boats available. Otherwise, the tenant will be reimbursed for the days not sailed.

5 – If for major reasons, the lessor could not deliver the reserved boat, he may change it for another, charging or paying the price differences, provided that the lessee agrees. In case of not being able to deliver any boat, the amounts will be returned on account.

6 – Reservations will be effective upon receipt by the tenant of 50% of the total rental price. The remaining 50% of the amount must be paid before the ship is delivered. Failure to make payments will determine the cancellation of the lease, leaving the amounts received as a reserve as compensation in favor of the lessor.

7 – The boat must be used exclusively as a pleasure boat, not being able to be used for the transport of goods, or for travelers other than the tenant and his guests. The shipment of weapons, animals, narcotics, or any toxic or dangerous substance is totally prohibited. The lessee will only be able to board the number of people for which the boat is authorized. In the event that children get on board, the lessee will be solely responsible for their safety, conduct and entertainment.

8 – Each day of delay in the return of the boat, it will be billed at double the rate applied in the contract. The skipper is obliged to adapt his navigation according to the forecast weather conditions to comply with the duration and conditions of the agreed charter.

9 – The port of delivery and collection will be the Port of San Antonio, Ibiza. The boat will be available to the tenant on the contracted date from 10:00 a.m. with full water and fuel tanks, consisting of all the mandatory salvage material, inside it, delivering it to the client in perfect condition . Must be returned the day of completion of the contract before 7:00 p.m., with full water and fuel tanks. Unjustified delay at the time of delivery of the boat will lead to an extra day charge.

10 – The negligence or improper use of the boat, violating current legislation by the lessee, will be sufficient reason for the instant termination of the contract, leaving the amounts paid as compensation in favor of ES VEDRA CHARTER SL. In case of violation of customs ordinances by the tenant, he will be responsible for any fine, sanction, etc … that may arise, as well as all its consequences. If the boat is confiscated to respond to the payment of the fines or for breach of the law, the lessee will be obliged to pay the lessor, the amounts referred to in clause 8, regardless of the damages that affect to the boat.

11 – Subcontracting or subcharter is totally prohibited.

12 – The tenant will deposit a deposit of 1000 Euros. This deposit will be left to respond to delays, losses, breakdowns or damages caused to the ship by its crew as of its disembarkation. The lessor shall provide the lessee with a complete inventory of the ship’s equipment. If the boat suffers damage or lack of equipment, its amount will be deducted from the deposit.

13 – The navigation area will always be the one that corresponds to the attributions granted by the title presented by the lessee, within the area of Ibiza and Formentera, and the one that corresponds to the one legally permitted to the boat itself.

14 – The contracting parties, to resolve any discrepancy caused by the interpretation or fulfillment of this contract, will submit to the jurisdiction of the Marina Authorities, Judges and Courts of Ibiza. With express resignation to any other forum if it exists.

15 – In the case of a possible maritime assistance or rescue to a third party, the total payment of the due rescue will be fixed, divided into 50% for the lessee and 50% for the shipowner. With the exception of the case in which the fault of the ship is totalitarian of the lessee, the total amount will be charged to the lessee.

16 – Possible discounts will only be applied to the amount paid on the web.

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