A new adrenaline machine is born that inherits all of our racing DNA. No longer restricted to professionals only, it brings the thrill of pure performance to all users. Get ready to stand up and dominate the waves!


  • High-performance 1049cc 4-stroke TR-1 engine
  • No longer limited to competition use
  • Light and stable helmet with wide front section
  • 144mm axial flow turbine and adjustable nozzle
  • 3-position spring-assisted adjustable steering post
  • Special electronic mode “L” (learning) to limit power
  • Wide padded platform with non-slip HydroTurf mat
  • Automatic bilge water pump and control system.
  • Good autonomy and clear indication of the fuel level
  • Easy to refuel: large capacity (19 liters)
  • Easy to transport and store when not in use



*VAT INCLUDED. Registration tax not included.

Offer valid until the end of the month or variation in prices of the vehicle or accessories.


yamaha superjet

Go Super.

With its 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, the sleek and ultralight SuperJet offers a powerful combination of incredible acceleration on the high-speed straights, while its agility, maneuverability and control will let you control corners like never before.

Its redesigned wider hull and “L mode”, made for easier learning, bring the excitement of standing sailing to everyone. The wide range of adjustable features will put beginner and recreational riders in their comfort zone and prepare them to effortlessly enjoy a new kind of riding.


yamaha waverunners


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