Outboard HONDA BF 350 VTEC



Honda BF 350 large displacement 5-liter V8 VTEC™ V8 outboard engine.
High performance gearbox.
Leading battery charging system: extra power when you need it, covering any power demand.
Honda BLAST™, VTEC™ and ECOmo technologies. Complies with NMEA 2000 standards.

The V8 you’ve been waiting for

The new Honda BF350 V8 outboard engine is a true historic milestone: our first production V8 engine for use on land or water. Designed to meet the needs of today’s families, who desire larger boats and the ability to travel farther offshore, the Honda BF350 has been created to deliver maximum power with impressive fuel efficiency.

The BF350 offers everything you’re looking for: extraordinary power, exceptional speed and exhilarating acceleration. It also offers impressive fuel economy, exceptional performance and a range of features and functions found only on Honda outboards. The Honda BF350 does it all with a new design that is as practical and functional as it is stylish and eye-catching.

Suitable for big jobs, from large pontoons to offshore vessels, Honda Marine’s new BF350 V8 outboard is designed to deliver a powerful boating experience like no other.


Short, Long, Extra or Ultra Shaft

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Engine type: SOHC – 8 cylinders in V6 60º.
Displacement: 4.952 cm³
Power rating: 257.4 kW (350 hp)
Bore x Stroke: 89 x 99.5 mm
Valve train: 32-valve VTEC 60° V8
RPM (engine RPM): 5,000-6,000
Lap limiter: Yes
Cooling system: Water-cooled (with thermostat)
Overheating alert: Yes
Oil alert: Yes
Fuel supply: Electronic injection (PGM-FI)
Gasoline water separator: Yes
Ignition system: Electronic PGM-IG
Starting: Electric
Exhaust: Through the propeller
Speeds: A-N-R
Gear ratio: 1.79
Alternator: 93 A
Load capacity: 70 A
NMEA 2000: Yes
Watch: Yes (not included)
Emergency stop: Yes
Mounting height measurement: X: 63.5 cm / U: 76.2 cm
Motor lift: Electric
Steering: Remote control (not included)
Recommended propeller: Stainless steel (not included)
Propeller: No. of blades: 3/4
Length: 111.5 cm
Width: 65 cm
Weight (dry): X: 347 Kg / U: 352 Kg


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