Yesterday we heard the news of the new presentation of the new models of Yamaha and we could not resist sharing it with you.

Yamaha introduces its new WaveRunner 2017 range
With three new and exciting EX-series models and the return of a legend with the new GP1800 high performance in competition.

New EX-powerful, fun and economically affordable series

It offers a set of advanced technology, the highest performance and great maneuverability, as well as exclusive innovations coupled with absolute reliability for which the WaveRunner are world renowned, all this is a genuine affordable 3 seater pack never seen before.

The result; The new and exciting Yamaha EX Series is a true revolution that introduces a whole new generation of users and their families the pleasure of buying a new watercraft, opening the doors to a new and fascinating world of fun and leisure.

Powered by Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 engine.
The EX models are powered by Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 engine, a 3-cylinder marine engine that despite its striking torque and impressive power, is 40% smaller by 20% lighter and offers a better Fuel economy than previous Yamaha 4-cylinder MR-1 engines. In addition its 50L fuel tank doubles almost in capacity compared to those of competitive models in this category.

Advanced throttle control on the EX Deluxe -RiDE.
The EX DeLuxe features the unique and unique Yamaha RiDE System with the industry’s first dual-handle handlebar control that brings new levels of precision and control, whether you’re moving forward or back or simply having fun taking Some curves.

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The legend returns !!
GP1800-the new star has been born.
Fun with a high performance the new GP1800
For many years, the Yamaha FX models – the GP1200 and GP1300R – have forged an unblemished reputation among professional racers around the world. This magnificent heritage has been re-exploited and reborn in the form of a new high-performance model, the GP1800.
The answer to any enthusiast about performance and performance is a great look, a high-powered machine with a strong yet agile helmet with the ability to respond to any pilot’s command accurately and predictably.

Naturally, this new model includes all the latest technical and electronic innovations, as well as many of the usual exclusive and unique Yamaha features.
Powered by Yamaha’s high performance SVHO marine engine.
The ultra-light NanoXcel2 material on the hull and deck of Yamaha.
Equipped with the exclusive and great award-winning Yamaha RiDE system.
The industry’s first low-mode remote-control security system.

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