The JetBlaster® is pure fun personified. With graffiti-inspired styling, a high-quality engine, and a great power-to-weight ratio, adrenaline seekers are guaranteed thrilling agility and easy handling to conquer the waves quickly.



  • Toe wedges support advanced movements
  • On-the-fly electrical adjustment
  • NanoXcel2® helmet and body: very light and resistant
  • Wide, curved handlebar for a unique riding style
  • The round grip provides a greater sense of connection.
  • Small and compact switch box


*VAT INCLUDED. Registration tax not included.

Offer valid until the end of the month or variation in prices of the vehicle or accessories.



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yamaha jetblaster 2022

Free your spirit

Our new JetBlaster® is ready for a fun and exciting ride, with foot wedges that allow for near-instant mastery of tricks, turns and stunts; a handlebar designed specifically for deft movements and a new improved electric adjustment for easy control and instant satisfaction.

We have made the JetBlaster’s high-quality helmet and deck with NanoXcel2®, making it strong and lightweight. Combine this with a TR-1® High Output motor and you’ve got great thrill-seeking potential due to the power-to-weight ratio.






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