YAMAHA FX Cruiser SVHO 2022


The all-round excellence of the high-performance FX Cruiser SVHO is remarkable. It is a comfortable cruiser motorcycle for long trips, with practical innovations and a seat for 3 passengers, but it is enough to accelerate and it becomes a sports machine ready for the most radical action.


  • Large 7 “color LCD touch screen
  • Smartphone sync capability
  • GPS plotter ready
  • Easy access to the glove compartment
  • New ride plate and updated fin position
  • Improves ergonomics and operation switch box
  • Integrated audio with on-screen control
  • Supercharged 1.812cc SVHO engine
  • Deluxe 2-Piece Tiered Seat for 3 Passengers
  • The longest and most comfortable helmet in the range
  • Revolutionary RiDE® system
  • Unique 4-position tilt adjustable steering system


*VAT INCLUDED. Registration tax not included.

Offer valid until the end of the month or variation in prices of the vehicle or accessories.

Nota: Los descuentos en tours de motos de agua solo se aplicaran al importe pagado en la web


Your passport to supercharged navigation

The supercharged SVHO engine works seamlessly with the sleek body shape and lightweight hull to deliver impressive performance with agile and stable handling. All this complemented by our revolutionary and intuitive RiDE® control system.

The latest electronic control systems make the FX Cruiser SVHO a leader in this important area as well, with features such as Cruise-Assist, 3-position No-Wake mode, electronic reverse and TDE (Thrust Directional Enhancement Control).



Comprehensive excellence and high performance characterize the FX Cruiser SVHO. An especially comfortable cruiser for long distances, it is the best option for those who want to experience powerful emotions.




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