3 tips to set up your Jet Ski for the season


To enjoy the season on your jet ski to the maximum, it is important to check and maintain security after hibernation.


With the arrival of good weather and the end of winter, we have to tune our water bikes to guarantee a spectacular season.



moto de agua yamaha exr 2019
Prepare su Yamaha WaveRunner para disfrutar al 100% este verano


1 – Before the season: Care before the set-up.

  • Anticorrosive spray.
  • Revision of the lubrication points.
  • Lubrication system review.
  • Review of the correct operation of moving parts.
  • Fuel review. Check the good condition of the deposit.
  • Revision of the electrical system. Batteries must remain disconnected when the watercraft is not used.




jet ski basic maintenance
Making simple checks before use is important towards preventing unexpected trouble. Be sure to make these checks.



2 – Before returning to the water with your Waverunner.

  1. Water Separator: Check that there is no water in the bilge and if it is completely drained.
  2. Fuel / Oil: Check the amount and add if necessary.Check for leaks.
  3. Handlebar: Make sure the address and moving parts work correctly.
  4. Throttel: Make sure that the throtteland its moving parts work correctly.
  5. Battery: Make sure it is connected correctly.
  6. Bilge: Drain water completely.Check for bilge water and fuel, and clean. Before putting the Jet Ski in the water, make sure that the drain plug is tightened.
  7. Jet Intake: Check that the entrance is clear of impurities.
  8. Engine compartment: Remove the seat and front compartment. Let air.




3- TakeOff inspection.

After running 10 hours after the first start of the season,  review the previous points to ensure the correct functioning of all the parts.


Only the major checkpoints are mentioned above.
For details, please refer to the Owner Operator’s water vehicle manual.



Remember to use only original Yamaha parts and accessories. Trust only professionals.



At Es Vedrà Charter (Distributor and Official Technical Service of Yamaha WaveRunners in Ibiza and Formentera) we offer the service of set-up for the season, hibernation and custody in our own facilities.





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